(disclaimer) The Ka-Chu facecover is not certified for medical use by NIOSH, the responsible (US) federal agency. Neither is it a substitute for social distancing recommended by the (U.S.) Center for Disease Control (CDC).

(the 1918 pandemic flu)

like grains of reaped grass
armies farmlands and packed slums
were felled by the plague

it still seems as though
a good mask will help prevent
virus transmission

The Ka-Chu (TM) Facecover

updated November 18, 2022

Dear Visitor!

We are still experimenting with ways to restore a semblance of normalcy to our association with others, which was severely disrupted by Covid-19.

Perhaps an improved facecover will save a few lives as new surges continue to arise. It is worth looking in to.

This report probably is more than you ever wanted to know about facecovers. More than a few friends no longer communicate with me for fear I will veer to this subject.

The name, Ka-Chu, is a portmanteau of kerchief, sneezing, and haiku, all of which are interests of mine.

The single layer, triangular design of the Ka-Chu comfortably covers your nose and mouth, and ties back around your head with a knot or bow.

The Ka-Chu has a closed lower seal and good particle filtration that you can test for yourself:
compare filtration: n95 to ka-chu

The Ka-Chu will not slip or fog your glasses when properly tied - and the seal can be adjusted as needed by means of snaps. It folds into a stowable configuration when not in use.

The Ka-Chu is easy to wash and dries quickly. I don't know why someone would wear a protective mask, a germ magnet, more than one day without washing it.

The CDC no longer recommends washing disposable masks, or using them more than one day.

The negative environmental impact, long-term cost, and problems of resupply are things to consider when relying solely on disposable protective masks.

I hope you will consider including a Ka-chu 4-pack in your home emergency kit.

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