(disclaimer) The "Ka-Chu" facecover is not certified for medical use by NIOSH, the responsible U.S. federal agency. Neither is it a substitute for social distancing recommended by the U. S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).


Ka-Chu Facecover

Get a comfortable fit:

Wash your hands before donning.

1. Hold the Ka-Chu out in front of you by the wingtips - with the flap pointing down.

2. Fold the top edge inward to align with the size mark (small-medium-large) which best describes your face size. Then fold twice more.

3. Tie the Ka-Chu snug, centered on your nose bridge, and across your ears - tug it down so it doesn't obscure your vision. ( Avoid touching your eyes )

4. Give the headband an outward roll over the bridge of your nose.

5. Pull the bottom flap snug under your chin - then with a half twist cross it over your jaw and fasten it to a lower snap on either side. (make sure the flap crosses and presses down on the hemmed edge)

Conform the Ka-Chu to your nose, not your nose to the Ka-Chu.

If the Ka-Chu fits, wear it!

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